Welcome to Echo Breaker

The Echo Breaker blog is a collection of my research and thinking which covers strategy, decision making and reflecting. The settings for the research projects have been diverse. Myself, with the help and guidance of various colleagues over the years, have covered construction sites, armed response units, innovation, dementia care, public health, organisational change and many more.

I most recently began working on the developing areas of cognitive computing and AI, specifically human\machine interaction. I would aim to capture human expertise and judgement to underpin cognitive computing software.This was an interesting application of research skills designed to capture tacit knowledge, beliefs and rules of thumb. On one hand, it was an evaluation of how diverse stakeholder groups and individuals anticipated a future strategic event would play out. On the other hand, it allowed each individual piece of data to be accessible to a single user in their decision making without the decision maker becoming overwhelmed, creating a “swarm intelligence”.

The diversity of projects has provided a broad perspective on how people create plans and make decisions.


On this site you’ll find summaries of our research projects. You’ll also find thinking applied to strategy and decision making across many different domains. If you’re making a plan, creating a vision, developing a strategy or on the cusp of a decision, in any area, industry or domain, we think you’ll find something on this blog to help.



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