R2 D2- The True Hero of the Star Wars Saga and Model Employee

3 Nov

R2 D2 might not be the most glamorous of Star Wars characters, but he could be the most effective. Throughout the six existing Star Wars films, R2 D2 saves each main character (who were currently on his side) at least once. Just watch the original Star Wars movie (4) and count how many times either a main character would have died or a mission failed without his intervention to get an idea of R2 D2’s value. It’s fair to argue the droid has shaped the fictitious history of the Star Wars universe, turning pivotal events in his side’s favour. So, what qualities make R2 D2 the unsung hero in a highly competitive universe of Jedi, Sith, Clones and Bounty Hunters?

Three things. Firstly, R2 improvises his available assets. True, he has numerous tools and devices at his disposal but he deploys them creatively. Second, he is a fearless decision maker who backs his ability to improvise and get things done. The last thing R2 does is stick to his job description. Thirdly, he is incredibly resilient. R2 always bounces back from the many shocks, surprises and unexpected events which define his job and life.  When the surprises do come, R2 is instantly into problem solving mode; he is never seen waiting for someone else to sort out a situation or passively waiting for orders.

Despite the marketing, PR and accolades going elsewhere, it’s R2 who provides the blueprint for an effective hero, and model employee.

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