Strategy Errors- Short Version

22 Sep

I always get asked if I can put my methods in a nutshell so I thought I’d put the latest request, to put the 4 levels of strategy error detection in 200 words, on my blog.

Basically errors in strategy can and do occur at 4 levels of construction-
1) The quality of data
2) The analysis\ sense making of this data by those in charge
3) How everybody else involved makes sense of the above analysis
4) How this data is used to manage uncertainty (forecast)

Errors can be located by analysing each of these levels, and these errors can be minimised by simplifying each level to the most effective rules-stripping out the noise and with it, the potential for error.

What do you get? The answer is more effective\ successful strategies, a bigger adaptive toolkit, and more adaptive staff.

That’s 105 words!

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